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Chinese Taoist Humanities Association mascot doll


紫嚴導師說:「每個人的內心都住著一個發心娃娃,對於任何人、事、物充滿真誠、愛和勇氣,探索生 命點滴幸福。 發心娃娃陪你感受幸福! 還在等什麽?快讓發心娃娃陪伴你充滿愛的每一天吧!

Zi Yan Tutor said "In everybody's heart, there is a Fa Xin (Heart) doll with full of sincerity, love and courage to any person and things to explore life and happiness. What are you waiting for? Let the heart-warming Let Fa Xin doll accompany you with love everyday!

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