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Purpose & Value


A Fluffy Doll Spokesperson Is The Warmest And Dearest Partner For Companies.

“Close to You” also means “dear to me.” We take happy living as a point of departure when creating our products. The packaging includes happy and heartwarming elements that conjure up sunniness, enthusiasm, vitality, positive energy, hugs, and happiness. Each Close to You doll is produced by a professional and avant-garde design team. The dolls are carefully designed by the team, and then made with complex craftsmanship using strictly selected materials. The strict quality control process guarantees that your thoughts can take shape with each needle and thread, and that happiness and blessing can be delivered to each and every customer’s hands.

The best image spokesperson that a company cannot do without
“Close to You” also means “to endear, to love, and to cherish.”


Each fluffy doll is warm, soft, endearing, and represents the best characteristics of a company.

As a suitable companion for both young and old, the dolls have features that the public likes to collect! These dolls appear in the most natural and obvious places and can help to promote a company’s brand image. Close to You dolls and lucky charms can demonstrate a company’s determination to be close to people and run in a sustainable manner!


Are you ready to wander in the midst of happy laughter?!

Let us use the most endearing corporate “lucky charm” to realize “Close to You”!

Core Value

Turn the corporate image into valuable products.

Let clients can remember and understand

your corporate image and value.

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