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Q1:Hi, I want to make a doll. How much would it be?

A1:Can you please provide a picture and we will give you a quote based on the shape, size, and quantity you need.


Q2:Do you customize dolls for customers? 

A2:Our specialty is to customize dolls for our customers. Please provide a picture of the lucky charm, the size, and the quantity that you require. Please also provide us with your company’s name, contact person, and telephone number.


Q3:How long is the production time?

A3:After the order has been signed and returned, the 3D drawing confirmed, and the down payment received, we will start to produce a sample. Each sample production takes approximately 15 days and there is a maximum of two revisions. Starting with the third revision there will be a service charge. Once the sample has been confirmed, we will begin producing the finished product, which can be delivered in 45 days.


Q4:Can you produce in small quantities?

A4:The factory uses mass production based on different size and quantity requirements. You are welcome to call or write us for inquiries.

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